Friday 21 March 2014

The 1st Ever Primal Scream gig !

Jim and Bobby

With the NME C86 cassette getting the deluxe reissue treatment very soon(9th June to be exact),here is a glimpse back to the very start of the band that opened the tape. 13th August 1983 to be exact.

The venue was Alan Mcgee's new club The Living Room, at the Adams Arms,
London, First on a bill that was headlined by the Television Personalities, along with The Committee, and,also making their live debut, the Jasmine Minks.
The embryonic Primal Scream, consisting of Jim Beattie, Bobby Gillespie and drum machine played a short set of 5 songs in 13 mins.
When scanning a load of old negatives recently I came across these photos-the only known ones of that historic debut,and,still listenable after 30 years, the recording I made that night.... enjoy..

Bobby and Jim

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  1. this is brilliant... thanks for 1) taping and 2) sharing